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Drive Slowly & Carefully - Speed Limit is 5 MPH. Failure to drive the speed limit will result in the loss of your gate card and/or camping privileges.

Check-in/Check-out Times - Check in time is 1:00 pm and check out time 11:00 am. Early arrivals and late departures will result in extra charges of $5 per hour.

Gate Cards - Anyone allowing others to use their gate card or opening gate for a non-registered or visitor vehicle will result in the loss of your gate card and/or camping privileges.

Vehicles - One vehicle allowed to be parked at each site. No parking on other sites.

Rates- Rates are based on 1 camping unit per site, 2 adults and 3 children under the age of 18 or 4 adults. Cancellation must be made 21 days before reservation date to receive refund of deposit less $10 processing fee.

Quiet Hours- 11:00 pm - 7:00 am is quiet time. All children under 16 must be at their campsite during quiet hours. No radios, loud voices or loud noises allowed during quiet hours. Please limit driving in campground during quiet hours.

Children - Parents are responsible for the actions of their children at all times. Small children (6 & under) must be attended at all times. Children 16 and under must be supervised at the lake and slide.

Visitors - All visitors must register at the office and pay visitor fees. Visitor hours are from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Visitor vehicles are not allowed beyond entrance gate and must park by office. No pets allowed with visitors. Unregistered guests will be billed to site. Camper is responsible for their guests.

Campsites - Campsites must be cleaned up daily. Camping unit including slides must stay on gravel driveway and wheels must not drive past electric boxes. All campers must back in except pull through lots. Outside rugs should not exceed awning size. No washing of RVs or vehicles in campground and no vehicle or camper repair or maintenance allowed on site without prior approval by management. No storage of non-camping items outside of camper. All items must be put away and stored inside shed or camper between stays. No lawn mowers, weed wackers or leaf blowers allowed. No site changes such as fire rings or landscaping to be done without prior approval from management. No grills of any kind on picnic tables. Please respect other campers and do not cut through campsites.

Pets - All pets must be on a leash (not more than 6 ft), not disturb your neighbors and not be unattended. Do not allow your pet to run loose at any time or tie leash to a tree. You must clean up after your pet immediately and dispose in trash can. No pets allowed on beach, in swim area or in any building including bathrooms and showers. No aggressive pets allowed. You must have proof upon request that your pet(s) is current on all required shots.

Campfires- Fires are permitted in fire pits only and must be contained within the fire pit. Do not move or add to fire pits or put garbage/trash in fire pits. All fires must be extinguished before leaving campsite or retiring for the night.

Firewood - No firewood is allowed to be brought in the campground. Firewood is available for sale at the store. Cutting of dead or alive trees and breaking of branches from live or dead trees is prohibited. Do not nail into or damage any trees. Any violation will result in extra charges.

Slide - Only (1) person at a time down the slide. Always slide feet first and only after previous slider has cleared the area. No Running, standing, kneeling, rotating, tumbling or stopping in the slide. No diving from slide. Leave the slide pond promptly after exiting from slide, no swimming or loitering in the slide pond. No toys, floats or swim boards allowed on slide. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Swimming/Fishing - Swimming allowed only in designated area. All swim rafts and floats must be used in swim area only and no boats or kayaks allowed in swim area. An adult must supervise children. Swimming and fishing is at your own risk, no life guard on duty. Swimming hours are one half hour after sunrise and one half hour before sunset. No pets, glass or bikes in beach area. All fishing is catch and release.

Boats - All boats need to be rented at the office. Enter and exit boats only from dock. Do not sit on boats unless rented. No swimming, diving or jumping off boats. Boats are to be returned clean. No smoking on boats. No pets allowed on paddle boats.

Trash - There is no curb side trash pick-up. Place all trash in receptacle.

Buildings - No smoking, washing dishes or pets allowed in any buildings. Sinks inside of service buildings are to be used only for hand washing or tooth brushing. All small children must be accompanied by an adult in service buildings.

Rocks - No throwing rocks or throwing rocks at any person, animal or object.

Golf Carts/ATVs/Bikes - No ATVs or golf carts allowed. No bikes on sand hills.

Anyone in violation of the policies may be asked to leave the campground and/or be required to pay restitution when indicated. Anyone trespassing beyond the campground perimeter will be asked to leave the campground immediately without refund. Attica Pines Campground assumes no responsibility for the use of its grounds or facilities. Attica Pines Campground is not liable for theft nor is it responsible for injuries to persons or property on the campground. Attica Pines Campground reserves the right to request anyone to leave the park for any reason with no refund.

These rules will be strictly enforced.

See You In the Outdoors!

Attica Pines Campground
4142 Belle River Road
Attica, Michigan 48412